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Future of Animation in 2021

Animation is a combination of consecutive drawings, models or some cartoon characters to create a mirage. Because our eyes can only retain an image for approx.

Animations are of various types:

· 2D animation

· 3D animation

· Stop motion

· Motion Capture

· Typography Animation

· Mechanical Animation

How Important Is an Art Background for an Animator????

As an Animation student, nothing is more important than a strong background in art, painting and so on.

an artistic background will help you as an animator. Color design may inform staging decisions, drawing classes will certainly help with composition issues, figure drawing and an understanding of anatomy are helpful for any animator.

But if the question is whether or not an art background is absolutely NECESSARY to becoming a great animator and the answer is big No.

As animators, observation is one of the most important aspects of what we do. In order to bring a character to life, there is almost nothing more important than having a collection of interesting actions and acting choices we’ve observed and either committed to memory or written down or sketched. These actions we’ve set aside to remember are our secret weapons in the creation of memorable character performances.

What’s the Role of the Animator?

At any medium-large studio (including games, TV, or feature films), an animator is hired to animate. Not to create textures or model characters or light scenes. Most bigger studios recognize that these are all skills that take decades to truly master, and that the true path to beautiful imagery onscreen is to fill the studio with expert specialists. In other words, most studios aren’t too hung up on finding people who “know a little about a lot of different disciplines.” Most features and games studios are looking for an artist who “knows a LOT about ONE discipline.

Getting your foot in the door of a studio and getting any kind of professional experience is invaluable, and will help you make connections, learn the ropes, meet people to learn from, and will look great on your resume.

The future of animation looks to be on an interesting journey as the quality of films is becoming higher and higher. Animation looks set to continue delighting audiences for many years to come. With animated films continuing to rise up the blockbuster charts, capturing hearts and imaginations, there is no sign of this genre coming to an end.

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