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Learning Activity

In Order to Provide extra Knowledge besides the curriculum the college has conducting a activities on every Saturday relating to their departments such as Painting, Sculpture, Traditional Painting, Print Making and Applied Art. This extra-curricular is must for all students which enable them take interest and produce good result in their respective fields. Which are important and essential for overall development of the students? This activities’ helps them to build their own perspective towards the things and surrounding which is must for everyone.

Study for Portrait Clay Modelling in classroom at X-Gen College of Visual Art

Clay Modeling

This activity enables them to learn the techniques while working on Sculpture with Clay. The Live Portrait is challenging and yet excited with its result. The Model for the Portrait was Syamaghana Patra from First year student. The Features are extraordinary with peculiarly aligned Jaw lines and Cheekbones. The essential work of a sculpture is to observe precisely to the model and replica, the minute details also.  

best animation award certificate conducted by X-Gen College

Student Of The Month in March

X-Gen College has designed “STUDENT OF THE MONTH” Activity, must for all students to participate which enhance them to discover their extra skill and passion towards the Art and

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