Diploma in 3d Animation & Film Making

XDFX Pro (Diploma in 3d Animation & Film Making)

Course Duration: 24 Months.

Animation is all about creativity and imagination. In this world of imagination everything is possible without any limitations. And this is exactly what you will learn at X-Gen Academy of Animation.

XDFX Pro Course Overview:

XDFX Pro (Diploma in 3d Animation &Film Making) is a perfect course to build career in 3D Animation film making & Visual Effect. If you want to make a career in the field of 3D Animation film making and visual effect, this course aims to give you the most comprehensive knowledge of Animation film making and visual effect.
XDFX is a 3D animation course, covers the complete process of 3D animation film making, from the script to the screen. Emphasis is given to important aspects like storyboarding, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, 3D Animation and Compositing.

Note: This course is available at X-Gen College of Visual Art campus only.

During this course each students make a short 3D Animation film with their respective batches & mentor.

After 24 months of the course compilation X-Gen College conducts interview to the various production houses for our student’s placement. If students will not be placed for any reason X-Gen College offers 4 months internship where X-Gen gives stipend to each student. The internship is optional but very important for the students. The Internship would be considered as working experience by production houses.


Key point of this course.

- A short 3D Animation Film.

- Corporate Show reel.

- Internship with stipend.

- 100% Placement Assistance.


Subject Covered:

  1. Concept Development

  2. Storyboarding

  3. Animation

  4. Rigging

  5. Modeling

  6. Texturing/Rendering

  7. Acting for Animation

  8. Camera

  9. Editing & Compositing

  10. Clay Modeling

  11. Digital Modeling

  12. Character Animation

  13. Final Film Production

  14. Interview Skills

  15. Team Building

Come and join X-Gen the leading Animation College for the excellent training and your brighter future.
Note: This Course is available at X-Gen College of Visual Art only.

Student's Work


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