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Best college for 3D Animation & VFX | X-Gen College Of Visual Art

Diploma in 3d Animation & VFX ( XDFX ) Courses

(Course Duration: 18 Months)

Did you get surprised by the action sequences of Bahubali, Magadheera & Baajirao Mastani? Did you imagine being in different world while watching Avatar? These were the result of visual effects (VFX) technology produced by Animation & VFX artists. VFX is the integration of live - action and computer generated imagery to create environments, which look realistic and believable to the audiences.

Course Overviews:

XDFX is a career course, designed to provide you with all the fundamental and advanced skills required to be a successful VFX artist. This course covers subjects ranging from the very basics of 3D film making like pre-production and storyboarding, to advance level topics of motion graphics, digital design and editing. These will help you to enhance your skills and meet industry requirements.

Subject Covered:

  • Concept Development 

  • Story-boarding 

  • Animation 

  • Rigging 

  • Environment Modeling 

  • Partial Effect 

  • Texturing/Rendering 

  • Acting for Animation 

  • Camera 

  • Match Moving & Camera Tracking  

  • Layer based/Node based Compositing 

  • Clay Modeling 

  • Character Animation 

  • Final Film Production 

  • Interview Skills

  • Team Building 

Qualifications Required:

Minimum qualifications for this course is 10th passout

Documents Required:

  • Adhar card

  • 10th certificate

  • passport size photo

Key point of this course.

A short 3D Animation/VFX Film.
• Corporate Show reel.
• 100% Placement Assistance.

VFX courses in Odisha

Firstly, we provide students with practical skills in digital animation, compositing, and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), catering to the booming entertainment industry.

Secondly, these courses enhance employability by preparing graduates for roles in film, gaming, advertising, and beyond, tapping into a global market demand. Moreover, VFX training fosters creativity and problem-solving abilities crucial for navigating the ever-evolving field.

For those fascinated by the magic behind movies and games, our VFX courses in Odisha offer hands-on experience with the latest technology, under the guidance of industry veterans. This program is designed to catapult your skills into the realms of high-demand visual effects creation.

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