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Why Animators are paid so little???

In 2021, Animation industry is booming. People are very much interested in doing Animation. In animation, you will show your creativity through Animation, doing your favourite cartoon character is so much auspicious to you. You will apply your theoretical knowledge to practical. In an Animation process,

1. You think of a an animation character

2. Draw an Art of that character

3. Try it in using Animation software

4. first you will fail…..second time you will also fail….and after that you will perfect on that time. For career in Animation people will do animation courses in Top Universities . But that question is Why Animators are paid so little after a lot of hardwork???

1. Most studios/ or any animation company pay them by commission like pay out per frame.

2. some Animation companies doesn’t hire freshers because they don’t have any experience. If they will hired, then they will first keep as an intern and after experience they will give less amount

3. Experienced Animators are paid so little because its very difficult to put a value on animation and also experienced animators are not paid hourly.

The Average time of a small Animation video(30 sec) is approximately 3 weeks. Animation will also equip you to pursue an independent studio career working towards exhibitions in commercial galleries and publicly run art spaces.

Anime is booming…..but animators are under poverty……….


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