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Unpromised to have Healthy and Peaceful New Year

The beginning of Day in a new Calendar year and finishing off the year with the adding of extra own experience in his/her achievements.

The Pandemic has taught us to cherish the every small and big moments and owned a living with love, live and Laughter. Our Students (the future generations) put their efforts to make everyone indulge in there celebrations of Zero Night. Where everyone had a task of sharing their life lessons from past few years, or wait we cannot name it Covid year. Because no negative vibes or names need to be taken the beginning of New Year.

This virus has considered being part of challenges which we are afraid to accept and go on for survival rate. Every time it had a different face or name to come into one’s life and give lessons to live a healthy, Peaceful and Gentle Lifestyle for the sake of own self.

Human Kind is Lovable in Nature and mean on Selfish Needs. At last to the view a very happy and healthy new year.


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