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Deep Dive into the World of Creativity at X-Gen College of Visual Art

Are you a passionate artist seeking to broaden your artistic horizons and set out on a quest for personal growth? Look no further than X-GEN COLLEGE OF VISUAL ART (affiliated to Utkal University of Culture), The leading centre for promoting innovation and artistic skill with 100% guaranteed placement. X-Gen College of Visual Art is the ideal platform for artists seeking to realize their goals, because of the college’s advanced curriculum, cutting-edge facilities, and strong artistic community.

xgen college of visual art

At X-Gen College of Visual Art, a diverse range of courses are offered to cater to the unique interests and aspirations of budding artists. Whether you're drawn to the traditional arts or want to explore the possibilities of digital mediums, there's a program to suit your artistic pursuits. Here is a snapshot of some of the exciting courses available.

X-Gen provides both long term courses as well as short term courses. Following is the list.

Long term courses

BVA (Bachelor of Visual Art)

B.V.A., or Bachelor of Visual Art, is a unique 4-year degree program offered by X-Gen College of Visual Art. It is an undergraduate Fine Arts program linked with "The Utkal University of Culture" that has been approved by the University Grants Commission.

Four years of full-time study are required for the Bachelor of Visual Arts degree. A variety of courses in art history, animation, interactive forms, graphic design, photography, video, print media, and foundation are available in this program from X-Gen College of Visual Art. The course is offered over eight semesters. A specialization in animation, painting, photo media, screen arts, jewelry design, photography, print media, or animations is an option.


Animation is all about creativity and imagination. In this world of imagination, everything is possible without any limitations. And this is exactly what you will learn at X-Gen Academy of Animation.

XDFX Pro (Diploma in 3d Animation & Film Making) is a perfect course to build a career in 3D Animation film making & Visual Effects.

This 02 year course aims to provide you with the most thorough understanding of Animation filmmaking and visual effects if you wish to pursue a career in 3D animation filmmaking and visual effects.

The 3D animation course XDFX covers every step of the production of a 3D animated film, from the script to the screen. Important elements such as storyboarding, 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging, 3D animation, and compositing are highlighted. The most difficult course available to students today, as we all know, is animation. For more details on the future of animation, read the whole article.


A diploma in fine art which takes 01 year to make you a professional artist, combines fine art and digital art perfectly to provide students with a thorough understanding of graphic design, Drawing, Painting, Applied Art, Illustration, VZ2D Designing, 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Print media Designing.

Short Term Courses

X-gen provides courses not only for students but also for professionals whether they are looking to upskill, switch careers, or explore a new passion. Short term courses include:

  • Graphic Design

  • Digital Photography

  • Arch Design

  • 100 Days Job Guarantee Courses

  • Digital Design

  • Fine Art Pro, Video Editing

  • Photoshop

  • Painting And Much More.

Mode of learning

Focusing more on conventional learning X -Gen College of Visual Art provides learning in both online and offline mode.

We suggest students who are interested in online learning, to do these 2 things before online admission. These are: -

  1. Select your course wisely as per your previous academic qualifications and field of interest. You can take help from our academic counselor for course selection.

  2. After course selection, you must enroll yourself at our college online only. Once you get your enrolment number, you will be eligible to attend our online classes.


It is situated in the heart of the city, at Gajapati Nagar Square main road, in front of the SP office, in the city of Berhampur, Ganjam, Odisha, India, Pin -760010, making it an ideal setting for academic endeavors.


The X-Gen curriculum is specifically created to cover the most recent business trends and techniques, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the workplace. The institution promotes multidisciplinary learning, encouraging students to find connections among many fields of study and to use a broad perspective while solving problems.


The X-Gen’s Principal Sri Ujwal Sahu believes that the calibre and quality of our teachers set it apart as a great university. It has more than [number of faculty members] who, through their commitment to developing the future generation of industry professionals, as well as their ability to combine academic knowledge with practical application, contribute to our students' success in obtaining satisfying professions. As a result, our college is still known for generating graduates who are in high demand by leading firms in the field.


X-Gen has a stellar reputation for its commitment to academic excellence and all-around development. With gratitude to its recognised professors, modern facilities, and innovative teaching methods, it has become an established institution in modern art education. Employers highly respect X-Gen graduates due to the institution's reputation for producing knowledgeable and well-rounded employees.

Class size

However, for perfect class size, X-Gen always aims to give the students more comfort by controlling the classroom and choosing an ideal classroom with 30 students per class to maintain a great environment in which to learn more comfortably.

Admission Procedure

In order to secure admission to the college, a student needs to go through a process that involves appearing for an entrance exam. This exam is conducted by X-Gen College itself. The exam is conducted in the month of June every year.

After the entrance exam, the college selects a certain number of students based on their performance in the exam. These selected students are then eligible to apply for admission to the college.

You should visit the page for more information.

xgen college of visual art

Students’ Achievements

We made a separate web page for it since we thought it might be difficult to share all of the student success stories on one blog. To learn about the achievement narratives of our students, click on the following link: .


You can reach X-Gen College of Visual Art by dialing


📞 9776913007


As a whole, X-Gen College of visual art is one of the greatest options for aspiring artists in India due to its exceptional instructors, modern facilities, hands-on learning opportunities, industry connections, and successful history.


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